About Taekwon-Do

General Choi Hong Hi, the founder of Taekwon Do took 15 volumes to explain this question in detail. This leaflet attempts to give you a flavour of the unique martial art of Taekwon do. Taekwon do literally means

  • TAE             To kick or smash with the foot
  • KWON         To punch or destroy with the fist 
  • DO     Art or Way


Students are taught to follow the tenets of Taekwon do from their very first lesson. These tenets are the basic values and ideals that underpin physical training in Taekwon do.


From the moment a student enters the dojang (training hall), they are taught to extend courtesy to their fellow students and to blackbelts. This is the very foundation of Taekwon Do. Although it is a form of unarmed self defence, Taekwon do is a powerful self development tool as well as an art of self defence. 

Taekwon-do for Kids

Taekwon-Do is a fantastic activity for children and young people of all ages. As a physical activity, Taekwon-Do helps develop agility, balance, coordination and speed, it improves movement quality and promotes the long term athletic development of the child. Taekwon-Do classes help to promote discipline and focus. Children learn to set a goal such as a grading or a tournament and work towards this goal. Taekwon-Do clubs provide a friendly, welcoming atmosphere, an ideal setting for children to meet new people and make friends. Being part of a club can help keep the child motivated to continue training through their teens and into adulthood.

Taekwon-DO for Adults

Fundamentally, Tyne Valley Taekwon-Do teaches effective self defence, through the disciplines of Taekwon Do. As well as learning how to defend yourself, there are many other benefits of training in Taekwondo — strength, suppleness, stamina, confidence, self esteem, stress release, achieving goals, mental discipline—the list goes on and on. If you wish to compete all of the excitement of a tournament awaits you. The training is physically and mentally challenging, but it is safe, effective and great fun!

Taekwon-DO for 40+

Whether its out Taekwon-do class or our Martial Fitness class, there is something for everyone at Tyne Valley TKD. Our over 40s classes focus on mobility and general fitness with martial arts themed exercises. Although practiced at a slightly lower intensity to the junior classes you can still develop your skills and improve you fitness as well as keeping you mind engaged.



Our Martial Fitness Classes include interval training and martial arts themed exercises, ideal for those who would like to try something new and have an introduction to martial arts classes.